Donation Policy and Release Form

An opportunity to support and save…

The Big Josh Foundation is focused on giving financial and counseling support to industry people who are diagnosed as terminally ill. This foundation is a non-profit charitable institution run by your industry peers.

We would like your employees and/or your company to join us in raising funds for this organization. The goal of The Big Josh Foundation is to help those who work in the service industry, an industry that does not have the same healthcare infrastructure as big companies. The Big Josh Foundation supports the “family” that exists within this industry. When you are a part of the service industry, you are part of a FAMILY! We need to find ways to best take care of each other.

Below is a release form, allowing employees to donate a portion of their paychecks to The Big Josh Foundation. They can choose how much they’d like to donate – whether it be as little as $5 dollars a paycheck. Each donation is 100% tax deductible. All donations are pre-tax dollars, giving a tax benefit to your employees and to your company. Any Employee within a company is able to donate. There isn’t a donation that is too big or too small.

Our hope is that the Owners of the establishments that help employ these wonderful people will look at this as an opportunity to build a needed reserve together. It is difficult for Employers to give all the benefits that they wish they could to their Employees in the service industry. This program allows the Employer a 100% tax deduction that goes to the future well being of the people that help build and maintain their businesses. Everyone works together to help the next person that faces these unfortunate circumstances.

No one ever wants to believe that becoming terminally ill can happen to them. This could be you, or the person next to you.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Patrick, David, Amber, & Katie

Please fill out the form below or download the donation pdf form and mail it to Big Josh Foundation 600 B Street, 4th Floor, San Diego CA 92101