Darina O'Harran

Darina and her husband, Chad.

The Big Josh Foundation unfortunately has a new patient, Darina O’Harran. She works at Ruth’s Chris in Del Mar. She spent quite a few years working in Pacific Beach at Moondoggie’s, PB Bar and Grill, Sunsets, as well as, other places. This is where she met her husband Chad.

Darina needs us to circle the wagons. The breast cancer has come back and has metastasized into her lungs. The official diagnosis is Stage 4 breast cancer.

In early August, Darina had shortness of breath at the family’s annual camp out at San Elijo. After two weeks and a trip to the doctor, she began a treatment for asthma. This didn’t help AT ALL and she got progressively worse. After requesting a new doctor, she received a CT scan of her chest and an MRI of her brain. On Sept 20th, she was taken by ambulance from home to the ER because she couldn’t breathe. Two days later, they received the CT scan and the next week, the doctors saw spots on her lungs. Her diagnosis was given October 16th, 2017. Chemotherapy is the only course of treatment at this point but Chad and Darina are actively looking for other treatment options…including holistic approaches. She had her first chemo treatment yesterday and she will have treatments every three weeks at UCSD La Jolla (Thornton).

Now, we fight! We pray! We love! We support!!! If you would like to donate to Darina’s fight, please visit the GoFundMe page that we have setup.

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